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Oracle Database Administrator (12c OCP, 11g OCP, 10g OCP)
Top Secret Clearance
Kenneth L. Johnston, Jr.




Top Secret Security Clearance

• Oracle 12c Database Administrator, Oracle Certified
Professional (OCP, 12c)
• CommVault 8 Certified
• Excellent Oracle 8i , 9i, 10g, 11g and 12c DBA
• RAC – Installation and configuration, maintenance
• Data Guard – Installation, configuration and
maintenance (Grid Control)
• Oracle Enterprise Manager - ASM, ADDM, ASH
• Oracle Grid Control (OEM 11 and 12)
• Grid – Installation, configuration and maintenance
• Extensive RMAN, Backup and Recovery
• ASM – Installation, configuration and maintenance
• Performance Tuning (ADDM, AWR, STATSPACK,
• Oracle Advance Security and Oracle Wallet Installation and Configuration
• Installing, Patching, Upgrades
• Troubleshooting (Former Oracle support employee)
• Extensive background in reporting and statistics
• KSH shell scripting
• Data Warehouse (migration from OLTP, performance
• Oracle on VMware, installations, configurations,
• Extensive experience with Unix, Linux and Windows
operating systems
• GoldenGate - Installation, configuration
• Oracle GoldenGate Director, Client and Monitor nstallation, configuration
• Oracle Advanced Security
• Oracle Wallet
• STIG implementation on Oracle 11g (Installation, Database, Instance)
• IBM CLM 4.0.5 Installation and Configuration (Derby, Tomcat)
• Oracle Application Express Installation, Configuration, Development 5.0.3


SKILLS: 1. Oracle Database Administration (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c)

a. Performance Tuning
b. Backup and Recovery (RMAN and
operating system level)
c. Installations, patching, upgrades
d. Troubleshooting
e. RAC (Installation, Configuration, DBA
f. DBCONSOLE and GRID Control
g. Oracle GoldenGate Installation/Configuration
h. Oracle Data Guard Installation/Configuration

2. Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems
3. Business reports and statistics
4. Management
5. Project Management
6. KSH scripting
7. Software implementation and configuration
8. Backup and Recovery
9. Consulting
10. Front line support
11. Troubleshooting
12. Oracle Application Express, installation and configuration


Work History

June 2016 - Present - CompTech Industries - Oracle DBA assigned to Defense Logistics Agency.

• Review and Implement 12c STIG on Test/Development SUN SUPERCLUSTER machines.

• Researched many areas of Oracle for Team Lead and created multiple reports.

• Researched and Implemented Flash Recovery Area (FRA) requirements. Implemented
findings on the SuperCluster machines.

• Provided daily technical support to users having issues with the Oracle servers, HP and

March 2015 - May, 2016- Innovative Management Concepts - Oracle DBA - Western Area Power Administration - Lakewood, CO - Federal Contractor

• Database Team Member for four regions throughout the United States

• Designed, developed and built the DBFacts database and application for the Vice
President of Application Systems.

• Installed, configured and maintained Oracle APEX 5.0 for the CORE DBA Team.

• Performed multiple 12c upgrades

• Wrote multiple Linux ksh shell scripts to automate backups and maintenance

• Responsible for production and development databases for the Upper Great Plains
• Monitor all instances on a daily basis

• Perform all necessary database administrative maintenance
• Install all necessary Oracle CPU and PSU patches
• Wrote and implemented Linux bash scripts
• Automated daily RMAN full backups and Datapump full exports
• Automated daily clean up of .trc, .trm files
• Automated daily maintenance of the alert.log for all instances
• Supported the development team by doing refreshes to test, development instances
daily. This was done by RMAN cloning using catalog and nocatalog and also
datapump exports, importing them as full, schema or table level imports.
• Established crontab file for all the linux nodes used in the environment.
• GO-TO person for Linux administration needed for Oracle
• Tested and established all backup and recovery procedures.
• Tested and established 11gR2 ( to 12C upgrade procedures
• Installed 12C binaries and upgraded all instances to 12C non-cdbs.

September 2013 – March 2015 – Data Networks Corporation – Oracle DBA
United States Air Force Academy – Cadet Management Information Systems
Modernization Project (CAMIS)

Installed and configured Oracle databases 11g
Patched databases to latest version,
• Patched databases with latest PSU and CPU patches
• Configured and patched Linux 6.5 operating systems for Oracle installations
• Identified all PII data with IIA officer
• Exported legacy data using datapump into the modernization development databases
• Worked with developers and updated databases with non-sensitive data using pl/sql
• Established and setup all backup and recovery procedures using RMAN
• Created development template machines installing multiple applications
• Used VMWare VSphere to create VMWare Appliances
• Wrote the Disaster Recovery / Backup and Recovery Guides
• Recommended Oracle Sql Developer, Oracle Data Modeler which has been used
throughout the project.
• Recommended Oracle GoldenGate for the Migration/Replication tool which is being
• Actively troubleshot all database performance and configuration issues
• Actively participated in the Agile Software Development process (SRUM)
• Researched and Recommended Oracle GoldenGate for Migrations/Replication.
• Installed and configured Oracle GoldenGate into the development environment
• Installed and configured Oracle GoldenGate Director, Client and Monitor
• Wrote installation and usage document for Oracle GoldenGate and Utilities
• Worked with developers on setting up sql translation and conflict resolution (OGG)
• Worked with Oracle support for all technical tickets, application research, licensing

June 2012h – Sept. 2013 – FGM/Novetta Solutions – Oracle DBA/System Administrator

• Top Secret Clearance
• National Security Position
. Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station / NORAD Mission

November 2011 – May 2012 - Northrop Grumman Corporation - Database Developer III

• Secret Clearance
• Heavy Grid Control
• Microsoft Powershell Scripting
• Windows Permissions Review
• STIG reviews
• • Daily Database Monitoring using Grid Control

June 2010 – October 2011 – XTIVIA - Oracle Database Administrator - Colorado Springs, CO
• Provided health checks and audits of clients’ critical systems.
• Installations, patches, upgrades
• Performed daily Oracle DBA duties as requested or required for all
customer databases.
• RAC implementation and troubleshooting
• Data Guard implementation, troubleshooting, tuning, backups
• Performance Tuning
• Troubleshooting
• RMAN Backup and Recovery – Create RMAN scripts, create job
schedules through OEM for RMAN jobs to run.
• Regularly install and configure GRID Control
• Regularly work on Unix, Windows and Linux based operating
• Monitored and provided expert assistance to dozens of clients
including many fortune 500 companies using diverse Oracle
technologies, including RAC, Data Gaurd and ASM
• Built and maintained in-house test center on Solaris and ESXi 4.0
machines for XTIVA.
• Built VMWare images as needed for testing and supporting all
database groups at XTIVA which includes Oracle team, SQL
Server team, DB2 team and the Informix team.
• Migrations – upgrades from 7.3.4 through 11G
• Handled all CommVault clients – only certified CommVault
Systems Engineer in the Company
• Major contributor and designed of XTIVIA webpage for
CommVault Services.
• Provided training for Oracle certification requirements for all Oracle team members. Only Oracle certified OCP 10g DBA in the company.
• Filed service requests with Oracle, very familiar with the Oracle Support Process, (former Oracle Support employee).
• Worked with Oracle to maintain XTIVIA/Oracle Partnership requirements.

12/2009 – 2010 - Systems Engineering Services – Oracle Database Consultant
Production ORACLE RAC DBA – Assigned to VERIZON – Colorado Springs, CO.

• Assigned to tuning production team for the RAC systems using:
a. AWR and ADDM reports – I generated and reviewed daily
b. SQL Tuning Advisor – I ran against the high cost queries
d. OEM GO-TO person for my team
e. Grid Control
a. Wrote RMAN backup scripts
b. Performed test recovery of backups
c. Maintained backup sets according to mean time to recovery requirements (MTTR) and SLA requirements.
• Ticketing System
a. Worked tickets assigned to database.
b. Worked with two ticketing applications used as part of daily DBA duties.
• On-Call Rotation
a. Required to participate in On-Call rotation as part of the DBA team
b. Worked tickets requiring immediate assistance
c. Worked tickets that had specific outage dates and database change requirements
d. Responded to emergency issues
• Built Two-Node VMware/Linux Oracle RAC
a. I provided RAC system for internal team training
b. Maintained the RAC through reimaging when required
c. Maintained host maintenance for the Virtual RAC environment
d. Provided RAC training to team members
• RAC infrastructure GO-TO person for team
a. Evaluated and monitored RAC performance
b. Monitored and resolved issues arising from interconnect traffic
c. Assisted team in indentifying all RAC performance issues

09/2008 – 12/2009 - CommVault Systems – CommVault 8 Certified
Database Consulting Engineer (Oracle Disaster Recovery Specialist), Ocean Port, NJ

• On-Site Professional Services Consultant
• Performed pre-onsite calls with customer to evaluate and understand requirements
• Evaluated customer environments and established disaster recovery backups
• Advised the customer of available CommVault technologies applicable to their requirements
• Installed CommVault software, installed agents, configured application
• Created backup policies and tested them on-site
• Worked with System Administrators on storage requirements (DISK, SAN,LAN,TAPE)
• Worked with Network Administrators on network requirements (Bandwith, Ports)
• Installed and configured CommVault agents on:
a. Oracle
b. Informix
c. SQL Server
d. SAP
e. Microsoft Exchange
f. VMware (Multiple VMware appliances)
• Worked directly with CommVault support on all issues
• Provided training and demonstrated Disaster Recovery Procedures
. Provided training and demonstrated Scheduling and Storage Policies
• Adapted to a variety of environments each with their own unique
challenges and opportunities
• Provided information on additional products that may assist the customer
in their environment. These recommendations were then sent to sales
for further action
• Troubleshot issues involving application installation, network, database,
magnetic and tape libraries, backup and recovery
• Attended Oracle World Conference (2009) on behalf of CommVault

12/2007 – 09/2008 The Centech Group Colorado Springs, CO
Senior Oracle Database Administrator

Responsible for all Oracle operations and tasks from end-to-end for The Centech

• Oracle 10g DBA
• Maintained 10g databases on Windows 2003 servers
• Administration of Oracle Master-to-Master Replication
• Established all backup and recovery procedures and policies
• Using RMAN, developed hot and cold backup scripts.
• Wrote operating system cold backup scripts
• Regularly performed performance tuning on the databases
• Established test and cloned machines
• Created Data Gaurd failover machines
• Used Enterprise Manager to administer the databases
• Used TOAD to assist the developers in maintaining and tuning pl/sql code.
• Troubleshot all database issues to resolution

10/2005 – 11/2007 Oracle Corporation Colorado Springs, CO
Dedicated Area Coordinator - Principle Engineer - for all of Oracle DATABASE Support

• Technical coordinator for all test machines in DATABASE support
• Technical advisor to the Director of Database Support
• Technical “GOTO” person for Database support test machines in
Database support
• Provided monthly reports on system and database usage to
management. All scripts and measurement analysis points for the
reports were developed by myself
• New projects were implemented with the system development life
cycle methodology (SDLC)
• Developed auditing procedures for all Unix platforms within Database support
• Installed, configured, and troubleshoot all crashdb and patchdb databases
• Create customized ksh scripts based on database supports requirements
• Assisted all database support personnel with installation/configuration

Major Accomplishments

. Developed, designed and wrote a ksh script that allows Oracle
support engineers to automatically rollout databases for customer
test cases. As a direct result of this script (PATCHDB), Oracle corporation
has implemented the script on a global basis for all support
engineers to use worldwide.
• Developed and designed new internal database group website
• Built two Windows 2003 Server machines for Oracle Database
Support Group. One machine was set up to serve out training examinations
and the other server performed as a file server (FTP machine). I provided the system administration on these machines.
• Researched and implemented VMware Workstation software for
Oracle Support. Developed a methodology for serving out VMware
images and appliances for Database Support use.
• I built over 50 VMware images and appliances which
included Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP,Linux and
Oracle Databases 8,9 & 10.
• Set up a global methodologies for support engineers to access the
VMware images for user locally or remotely.

04/2001 - 10/2005 Oracle Corporation Colorado Springs, CO
Database Administrator

• Responsible for installations of the databases, patch sets and one-off
patch sets on the global test center production machines.
• Maintenance of the global test center instances included:
a. Installations
b. Monitoring
c. Privileges
d. Restorations
e. Tuning and Performance
f. Troubleshooting
g. Configuration
• Installed and maintained HPUX RISC, Itanium and Solaris X86 RAC clusters
specifically, 9.2.0 and 10g with ASM databases
• Created and maintained the backup and recovery methodology for all
Global Test Center CLUSTER production machines through the
use of system level backups and RMAN backup.
• Worked with Oracle internal customers to create test spac.
• Assisted customers with the installation and configuration of Oracle
• Established Oracle's Global Test Center tuning guidelines for
production test instances.
• Created ksh/bash shell scripts and SQL scripts for daily instance operation

08/2000 - 4/2001 TUSC Lakewood, CO.
Oracle DBA Consultant

I provided complete Oracle DBA consultation services. Everything
from installation assistance to performance tuning both on the
database and on pl/sql procedures.

9/1999 - 08/2000 Oracle Colorado Springs, CO
Technical Analyst

Provided customer support for all core technology issues such as
Oracle Server, Windows, Unix, Oracle Application
Server and Networking.

Prior to working in off hours, I worked as an analyst in the RDBMS
group supporting Oracle Server issues and functionality.

9/1998 - 9/1999 Oracle Colorado Springs, CO
Associate Technical Analyst

Team Lead for Off-Hours Group
• Backup and Recovery GO-TO person for
off-hours group.
• Replication GO-TO person for off-hours group.
• RDBMS support analyst.

Military Experience

1983-1986 United States Air National Guard

Aerospace Ground Equipment Mechanic – Honorably Discharged


3/2004 Colorado Technical University Colorado Springs, CO.

Master's Degree
Master's in Management of Information Systems

6/1986 University of Southern Colorado Pueblo, CO

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Management

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