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American Database Consulting (ADC) provides professional support services that support the integration and implementation of CommVault Simpana software.  The benefits of ADC'ssupport services include:

a.       Certified CommVault Administrators and professional DBA’s supporting the implementation project

b.      ADC will work with CommVault in the implementation

c.       ADC support services are focused on the long term success of the implementation.

d.      ADC will work with the customer prior to CommVault’s on-site professional services implementation.

e.      ADC is focused on working with the customer to ensure the entire CommVault implementation is healthy and working.

f.       ADC will work with the customer to clearly identify and understand all Mean Time To Recovery requirements. 

g.      ADC  will work with the customer to identify High Availability requirements. This information is then reviewed and presented to CommVault prior to their on-site implementation.

h.      ADC will work with the customer to ensure that all hardware meets all pre-implementation requirements.

      i.    ADC works with customers as a professional intermediary with CommVault, providing consultation to in-house DBA’s and management

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