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Commonly used srvctl commands

These are some of the srvctl commands I frequently use, this is not a complete reference guide.

I organized the commands as follow:

  • To start a rac database
  • To stop a rac database
  • To check status and configurations
  • To start and stop instances
  • To start, stop and manage services

Start a rac database (order: nodeapps – asm – database)

srvctl start nodeapps -n nodename
srvctl start asm -n
srvctl start database -d dbname
options are: srvctl start database -d
dbname -o open | -o mount | -o nomount

Stop a rac database (order: database – asm – nodeapps)
srvctl stop database -d dbname -o immediate
options are: srvctl stop database -d dbname -o normal | -o transactional | -o immediate | -o abort

srvctl stop asm -n nodename
options are: srvctl stop asm -n nodename -o immediate

srvctl stop nodeapps -n nodename

To check status and configurations
srvctl status nodeapps -n nodename

srvctl config nodeapps -n nodename

srvctl status asm -n nodename
srvctl config asm -n nodename

srvctl status database -d dbname
srvctl config database -d dbname (shows instances name, node and oracle home)

srvctl status instance -d dbname -i instancename

srvctl status service -d dbname

To start and stop instances

srvctl start instance -d dbname -i instancename
srvctl stop instance -d dbname -i instancename

To start, stop and manage services
srvctl status service -d dbname
srvctl config service -d dbname
srvctl start service -d dbname -s servicename
srvctl stop service -d
dbname -s servicename

srvctl relocate service -d dbname -s servicename -i instancename -t newinstancename [-f]

To Start and Stop the Listener

srvctl start listener -n node_name [-l listener_name_list]

SRVCTL Commands for SCAN

Oracle's SRVCTL utility has been expanded to include a number of new commands specifically for SCAN. Some of these new commands are listed in the table below:

New SRVCTL Command

What it does

srvctl config scan

Shows the current SCAN configuration

srvctl config scan_listener

Shows the existence and port numbers for the SCAN listeners

srvctl add scan -n cluster01-scan

Adds new SCAN information for a cluster

srvctl remove scan -f

Removes SCAN information

srvctl add scan_listener

Adds a new SCAN listener for a cluster on the default port of 1521

srvctl add scan_listener -p 65001 ## non default port number ##

Adds a new SCAN listener on a different port

srvctl remove scan_listener

Removes the SCAN listener

srvctl modify scan -n cluster_scan

Modifies SCAN information (used when changing SCAN to DNS after initially using /etc/hosts)

srvctl modify scan_listener -u

Modifies the SCAN listener information to match the new SCAN VIP information from the modify scan command


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