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Top Secret Security Clearance

The computer industry is rapidly changing and encompasses a wide range of products and services. Oracle is the largest and most robust database in the business. However, in order to have an effective and efficient database you must have it properly designed, installed and administered. The costs to maintain databases can be very expensive as a result, many companies have elected to bring in foriegn workers to maintain highly important and often sensitive data. American Database Consultants (ADC) are American citizens with top secret clearance, stellar backgrounds and vast experience. 
ADC can help you with your total in-house database administration costs by offering several different levels of training and support. ADC specializes in
Oracle Database Training. The following are some of the areas that we offer training in:
a. Intro to Oracle DBA - 4 Day Class
b. Intermediate to Advanced Oracle DBA - 4 Day Class
c. Intro to Oracle Backup and Recovery - 3 Day Class
d. Advanced Oracle Backup and Recovery - High Availability - 4 Day Class
f.  Intermediate to Advanced Oracle Performance Tuning - 4 Day Class
g. Intro to Real Application Clusters (RAC) - 4 Day Class
h. Security+ certification training - 5 Day Class
i.  Oracle DBA 11gR2 certification training - 5 Day Class

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